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Baker County “Wrong-way” Car Accident on I-10 Kills Two and Injures Ten

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, at 2:30 a.m. last night, a driver entered the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10, heading west. Tragically, but not surprisingly, that driver collided with an eastbound van carrying ten people.

Two people were killed and ten were taken to hospitals, including Shands Jacksonville Medical Center.

The two car accident happened on I-10 near Macclenny, about thirty minutes west of Jacksonville, Florida.

Wrong way car accidents on interstates always baffle me. First of all there are signs posted all along exits warning any entering drivers that they are going the wrong way. Somehow these drivers continue after making it to the interstate lanes. They do this despite the fact that nearly all merges (especially on rural stretches of interstate like this) are to lanes on the driver’s left, not right.

There are also interstate lanes separated by a large grass median far to the driver’s right – instead of to the left. Finally, another clue is provided by cars on the other side of the interstate which are traveling the same direction as the wrong way driver.

Given that this car collision happened at 2:30 a.m., you can probably guess what I am thinking. It is completely unnecessary and it is a sad sad shame. We see our fair share of drunk driving accidents and the victims are almost never repaid even their medical expenses as drunks tend to have little or no insurance.

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