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Baker County Single Car Accident Kills One

Last night, a sport utility vehicle (SUV) crashed on I-10 in Baker County, Florida, killing one occupant. The single car accident happened near Macclenny, which is about thirty minutes west of Jacksonville, Florida.

At least three people were ejected from the Ford Explorer when it overturned. Five people were in the SUV. The cause of the accident and the rollover are being investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Typically, only non-seatbelted people get ejected in rollover accidents. Being ejected often results in the most serious of personal injuries in rollover accidents.

Some years back, there were a flurry of accidents and lawsuits regarding the liklihood of Ford Explorers to roll over. These cases were often matched with complaints about Firestone tires having defects causing the vehicle operator to lose control ultimately resulting in the SUV rolling over. Ford Explorers have since been engineered to be less likely to roll over. The age of the SUV in this accident has not been reported.

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