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Another Tire Tread Separation Accident in the Jacksonville Area

As referenced in yesterday’s blog entry, a very serious auto accident causing one fatality occured in Jacksonville yesterday as a result of a tire tread separation. Later the same day, a second such accident occured.

Five people were traveling northbound on I-95 in St. Johns County, when the driver lost control due to a tire tread separation. After losing control, the SUV crossed the southbound lanes of travel into the shoulder and flipped several times.

Four people in the car were ejected and suffered serious personal injuries. A fifth person was sealtbelted and was not ejected from the vehicle. Similarly, in the rollover accident which occured earlier in the day, the one person that was ejected and died was not wearing a seatbelt while the survivors were wearing seatbelts and were not ejected.

If you read our blog entries regarding automobile accidents, this is an all too familiar occurence: people who are not seatbelted are usually hurt much more severely in a car accident than those who are seatbelted. This is especially true in accidents which cause a vehicle to rollover because the intertia of a rollover propels a vehicle’s occupants into windows and often out of the vehicle. Once again, we are sadly reminded that seatbelts save lives.

If you have any questions regarding an automobile rollover accident or an accident caused by a tire tread separation, please call our Jacksonville auto accident attorneys for a free consultation.

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