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Another Serious Auto Accident on Highway 121 in Nassau County

One person died and another was seriously injured last night when a pickup truck struck a tractor trailer on Highway 121 in Nassau County, Florida. The tractor trailer was backing into a driveway at the time of the collision. The person critically injured was rushed to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center.

The portion of Highway 121 in Nassau County has been the scene of many serious car accidents over the years. This portion of the highway parallels the St. Mary’s River and has many curves. In addition the roadway is narrow and there is no median or other structure separating oncoming lanes of traffic. Finally, the speed limit on most of the roadway is 55 and drivers often exceed that speed.

Our belief is that work needs to be done to improve the safety of this highway. Perhaps slower speed limits, increased patrolling, widening the road or constructing a median would prevent additional accidents.

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