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Another Accident in Jacksonville Caused by Items Falling Out of A Truck

This morning, a series of car accidents happened on San Pablo Road on Jacksonville’s Intracoastal West area as a result of construction materials falling out of a pickup truck.
After the items fell, the driver stopped to retrieve the items. An oncoming vehicle was unable to swerve in time to avoid colliding with both the truck and the man. The man was rushed to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center with life-threatening personal injuries. A second car accident happened in the lanes going the opposite way because a driver was looking at the first accident.

This as an all too familar and wholly unnecessary scenario. In fact, our lawfirm is currently handing a case involving a young woman who was seriously injured in an auto accident that resulted from a ladder falling from a truck. We are also handling the case of a man injured as a result of a surfboard falling off of racks on top of a car on J. Turner Butler Boulevard. Tragically, a few years back, a woman was killed on the Buchman Bridge when a ladder fell from a construction vehicle.

In Florida, the owner and operator of the vehicle is responsible to pay for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering for personal injuries or wrongful death caused by items falling from the vehicle. Simple and thorough strapping down of such items will prevent these unfortunate tragedies.

If you have a potential case from an auto accident caused by a ladder or other items falling from another vehicle, please call our Jacksonville auto crash lawyers for a free consultation.

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