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All-Terrain Vehicle Accident Results in Child Fatality

An 11-year old boy from Jacksonville’s Westside died recently after falling off the back of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

The boy was one of two riding on the back of the ATV driven by a 14-year-old boy when they hit a bump on a cattle grate bridge on Manning Cemetery Road. Authorities said it did not appear any of the boys were wearing helmets.

Unfortunately, ATV accidents are not uncommon. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 376 deaths and 131,900 injuries on ATVs nationwide in 2009. This included the accidental deaths of 61 children younger than 16 and 32,400 injuries.

Children under 16 are required to wear not only helmets, but eye protection as well, according to state law in Florida. In addition, ATVs are prohibited from drivng on paved roads.

There were 105 accidental deaths of chidlren in Florida as a result of ATV accidents between 1982 and 2009.

Written by Elizabeth Allen
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