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Alachua County Jury Awards $23 Million Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case

A jury in Gainesville, Florida, determined that the University of Florida Shands Teaching Hospital committted medical malpractice causing a woman permanent brain injuries.

The woman went to Shands after suffering unexplained headaches. It was determined she had an anuerysm in her brain that had not ruptured.

An anuerysm is a swelling in an artery caused by weakening of the arterial walls. If an anuerysm is not repaired, it can rupture causing catostrophic bleeding.

Surgery was performed to insert coils into the woman’s aneurysm. Lawyers for the woman claimed that the surgeons accidentally perforated one of the arteries in her brain.

From there, her lawyers contended, the medical malpractice continued. She was kept on a blood thinner despite having symtoms consistent with a stroke. The blood thinner worsened the bleeding in her brain. As a result, the woman suffered permanent brain damage, partial paralysis, impaired vision and pain.

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