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Car Turning In Front of Motorcyle Causes Collision and Serious Injuries in Jacksonville

A motorcyclist was traveling on New Kings Road in Jacksonville, Florida, when a Honda Civic attempted to make a left turn across the motorcycle’s path of travel caused a serious collision.

856888_bobs_choppa_1.jpgThe driver of the car was intending to turn left onto I-295 Northbound. The driver of the motorcycle was in critical condition following the crash.

Left turns across oncoming traffic represent the second most common type of car accident we see as Jacksonville car accident lawyers, the most common being rear-end collisions. Drivers turning left must yeild to oncoming traffic. Often such drivers mistake the speed of oncoming cars and the length of time it takes them to accelerate from a stop to cross the oncoming lanes. Also, motorcycles can be more difficult to see.

Left turn auto collisions typically result in a “T-bone” collsion with serious personal injuries, and, at times, fatal accidents.

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